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Why was my document rejected?


There are several reasons why your document might have been rejected:

Incomplete document or missing info
The document should not be cropped, and we need to see all four corners if possible. Make sure all essential information such as address/date/bank account no. is visible.

Low quality, blurry or unreadable
We accept various formats including digital photo, scanned image, PDF and screenshots. Check everything is readable before you send the document.

Name mismatch
Unless specifically requested otherwise, the documents must be in the account holder’s name.

Business bank statement
We need to see the bank statement of a private account - you cannot deposit/withdraw with a business account.

Unsigned document
Passports, credit/debit cards, and bank statements issued in the bank need to be signed.

Expired or too old
Documents need to be valid, and a proof of address that isn’t an ID needs to be from the last 3 months.

Wrong document type
We only accept certain types of documents.

Proof of ID: ID cards, residence permits, passports. We DO NOT accept any other forms of ID like army card, taxpayer’s card, etc.

Proof of address: utility bills, bank statements, landline/TV/internet bills, official government correspondence. We DO NOT accept: insurance documents, hospital documents, mobile phone bills and any other documents not issued by official authorities.

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