As part of our commitment to provide truly superior service, Unibet Interactive, LLC (the “Company or “we”) will make every effort necessary to ensure that withdrawal requests are processed quickly and efficiently. We utilize industry leading security and encryption technologies available to ensure that transactions and financial information are kept secure.

Withdrawal Process

Upon entering the withdrawal amount in the cashier, the player will be required to select a withdrawal method and submit the request. An email will be sent to the player confirming his withdrawal request.

Within 72 hours, the withdrawal will be reviewed along with the player account and game activity. If the withdrawal is approved, the player will receive an email confirming the approval, and the withdrawal will be processed. If the withdrawal is declined, it will be cancelled, and the funds returned to the player’s account. In the case of a withdrawal being declined, he may be asked via email to submit additional documentation, and/or his account may be blocked if suspicious activity is detected.

Minimum Withdrawal Amounts

If a withdrawal request is for less than the minimum allowable amount, no withdrawal will be processed. Minimum withdrawal amount is $10. You can withdrawal any amount at the live cashier’s cage at the Hard Rock Casino – Atlantic City.

Other Provisions

Player authorization and/or some documentation may be required to process withdrawal requests. 

Withdrawal method verification must be completed within 14 days, or the withdrawal will be reversed and the funds returned to the player’s bankroll. We reserve the right to delay and/or discontinue the processing of a player’s withdrawal requests until final confirmation has been received for any outstanding deposits which such player has made.

Bonus funds may be withdrawn only after all applicable bonus and promotion policy requirements have been met. For more information, please see the UnibetCasino.com Bonus Policy.  We do not charge a fee for any withdrawal method; however, the player’s bank or payment processor may levy a fee to process the withdrawal, for which the player is responsible.

Verification Documents

In some cases, depending on the deposit method used to fund the account, the player may be asked for one or more of the below documents, or additional documents not included in the list below, in order to process the withdrawal. We reserve the right to request that all documents be certified and/or notarized should it be deemed necessary to prove the legitimacy of the submitted documents.

Credit/debit cards: A clear image of the front and back of the credit/debit card(s) used to fund the account. Ensure that all details are clearly legible to enable prompt and accurate verification. For security purposes, please leave the first six (6) and last four (4) digits of the card number exposed and the three-digit security code on the back of the card.

Proof of bank account number (ACH): A clear image (pdf or photo of printed version) of a bank statement with name and account number clearly visible. Bank statement must be dated within last 90 days and clearly display first and last name, address, date, and last four digits of the bank account number.

Proof of address: A recent document, dated within the last 90 days, showing the player’s full name and address as registered on his account. This may be submitted in the form of a utility bill or a credit card statement. If the document provided is a credit card statement, please leave the first six (6) and last four (4) digits exposed. The document must clearly show the player’s full name, address, and date.

Photo ID: A clear image of a valid government issued passport, driver’s license, state identification, military ID, or permanent resident card. Ensure that the name, photograph, and signature are clearly visible on the document. This document cannot be edited. The player’s name, photo, signature, issue and expiration date, and identification number must all be clearly visible.

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